Recently, the chattering class has turned it’s attention to Silicon Valley’s efforts to impact the political and civic worlds in which it exists.  As someone who works at a company founded in Silicon Valley, on a team which is working to improve civic discourse, I find the conversation absolutely fascinating.  

I’ve compiled a list of the pieces I find most interesting.  

George Packer has a long story (pay-walled) out this week in the New Yorker about Silicon Valley and the impact it is (and isn’t) having on the American civic and political discourse.

"The industry’s splendid isolation inspires cognitive dissonance, for it’s an article of faith in Silicon Valley that the technology industry represents something more utopian, and democratic, than mere special-interest groups."

Catherine Bracy wrote about the issue months ago, and I think she has a better handle on the issues involved.  She explores “the tension between Silicon Valley’s impact on democracy and its utter lack of interest in or understanding of the institutions and systems of government its companies do business in.”

Hamish Mckenzie responded to George Packer in PandoDaily calling his piece “kind of unfair.”

Today, the New York Times printed a piece, Lessons for Silicon Valley from Capitol Hill.