Each year, I have a skill acquisition project.  Kind of like a New Year's resolution, but more fun-- the skill acquisition project provides me the opportunity to devote time to an activity I enjoy but don't practice regularly.

One year I learned to knit (or rather, I attempted to learn to knit).  There was the year of fitness when I hired a trainer to teach me how to lift weights, and I went to different kinds of exercise classes and became familiar with the ins and outs of practicing yoga, taking spinning classes and even Zumba.

This year, I would like to learn how to make fancy cakes.  An honest-to-goodness fancy cake.  With many tiers and everything.  I will make a cake a month, attempting cakes with an increasing level of difficulty as the months go by.  My goal: if there is ever a cake emergency, and by some trick of fate, a dear friend needs a fancy cake for an important event, I would like to be skilled enough to step in and make a cake of professional quality.