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Anthea is a technologist and community organizer working at the intersection of the internet and urban systems. Anthea is part of Google's Social Impact team, building products that help decision makers govern more effectively, help people access public services more efficiently and help users engage in the civic process.  Most recently, for the 2016 U.S. elections, her team developed and launched features to help people learn about the candidates, register to vote and understand the outcome of the election. 

During the 2012 campaign cycle, Anthea worked as the Director of Voter Experience with the Obama technology team. On the campaign, she launched features that help persuade, register and turnout potential voters.  

Before joining the campaign, she ran an open data effort, the Voting Information Project-- a non-partisan effort to collect, standardize and distribute, through an open API, a nationwide database of polling locations and election related information. The API received 22 million look-ups in 2012 and was used by Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Foursquare, CNN and Politics-360 among many others.

Anthea lives in a little blue house in Washington DC with her husband, Reid Strong and her cat, Wallace.  When she’s not causing the establishment problems, Anthea likes to swim, wear vintage sunglasses and coax her many houseplants into not dying.