Anthea Watson Strong

I am a product manager who designs and builds technology that supports our shared civic infrastructure. 

I currently work on local news at Facebook.  

Before joining Facebook, I worked on the Google's Civics team building products that helped people access public services more efficiently and helped users engage in the civic process.  Most recently, for the 2016 U.S. elections, my team launched features on Google search to help voters participate in the elections by registering to vote, researching candidates, and understanding the outcome and impact of the elections. 

During the 2012 campaign cycle, I spent 12 months working as the Director of Voter Experience with the Obama technology team. On the campaign, I joined a group of amazing engineers who built some pretty cool stuff that helped reach, register and protect potential voters and re-elect the President.

Before joining the campaign, I ran an open data effort, the Voting Information Project-- a non-partisan effort to collect, standardize and distribute, through an open API, a nationwide database of polling locations and election related information. 

I live with my husband, Reid Strong, my son, Milo Strong, and my cat, Wallace.  Reid is a civil rights attorney at USDA, the kid is learning how to overcome child locks, and the cat spends his days being grumpy about life.  When I'm not working or taking care of the baby, I like to make cakes.